GBS and Shared Services

There’s no question that technology is the real game-changer in truly innovative GBS/SSO models. But realising the value of it remains out of reach for many businesses.

With so many businesses prioritising digitisation and specifically looking to automation and RPA to do so, we’ve designed an offering specifically to help you unlock your possible.

The Problem for GBS?

The biggest challenge is the ownership of a global process framework – in other words, the ability to see and address workflows end-to-end, but there are three additional key obstacles:

  1. There is little or no standardisation of processes
  2. Budget constraints on digitisation & buying tech
  3. Fragmented and siloed systems and tech

How we solve it

Our uniquely end-to-end services & software model not only allows us to address your key digitisation challenges in their entirety, but we also:

  • Combine tech strategy and deployment which means we have the capacity to assess the situation, diagnose the problems and opportunities and deliver the right solutions
  • Have an established partner network that can flex across all the key players and those you might already be working with
  • Use our unique Collectives approach to deploy pluggable and modular solutions across the business, quickly and effectively
  • Understand how to combine all the key technologies in process mining and discovery, decision intelligence, workflow integration, cloud, data digitisation, AI and ML to the best effect
  • And keep a human-centric purpose at the core of every project to ensure all your key stakeholders are engaged in the process and ready to support the outcomes.

Why businesses need us?

Our end-to-end approach to workflow optimisation means we can help you take control of the people, processes and technology that makes your organisation tick. We also:

  • Virtually eliminate risk by charging for the change, improvement and automation as it is delivering results
  • Provide, or help you find the skills and resources required to ensure the work is delivered on time, on budget and on vision
  • Manage the human side of the work, ensuring your people are engaged, service levels are continuously improved and profitability is increased.