The Intelligent Automation Collective

We’ve pioneered an alliances concept we call Collectives and it’s built around the principle that clients want and need fast and easy access to end-to-end solutions, which remove the pain of building on and with existing tech and the interoperability challenges that come with it but also want a fast track to true innovation and optimisation that will allow then to accelerate time to value.

Each of our Collectives is built around a tech-powered business opportunity (or challenge) and we started with Intelligent Automation.

The Problem in Intelligent Automation?

Put simply, it’s not always done that intelligently.

  • There are limited deal options that make starting & scaling expensive.
  • Contracting and licensing models can be opaque and inflexible.
  • Interoperability challenges create bottlenecks & operational silos.

How the IAC solves it

We deliver what we call Profoundly Intelligent Automation, by addressing those challenges head on:

  • We’ve built an end-to-end IA architecture using best-in-class technologies.
  • It’s a modular, pluggable platform – ready to go, but only pay for what you need.
  • It’s bought via a single, transparent contract which won’t tie you down or hold you back.
  • With outcome-based pricing that ensures we only win when we win together.

Why businesses need it?

We deliver a faster, better and cheaper integrated solution that allows you to:

  • Explore the latest & greatest IA technology  without  endless evaluation & buying cycles.
  • Start & scale rapidly to reduce time to ROI.
  • Remove technical debt to maintain laser-focus on outcomes and results.
  • Leverage the experience of specialists throughout your entire IA journey.