Cognition Compass

What is Cognition Compass

Cognition Compass is a new kind of diagnostic. We use advanced technologies to deliver key insights and broad coverage to point you in the right direction.

Because we understand it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to your digital transformation journey and easy to get lost along the way.

Cognition Compass quickly identifies your most valuable areas of opportunity to accelerate your strategic goals.

How does it work?

Like most diagnostics, we assess your processes and technology stack to identify how to optimise what you've already invested in. But unlike most diagnostics, we start by talking to your people.

People are the heart of your business and we know that putting them first in any technology-led transformation is key to it's success.

Our people-first approach means that right out of the gates, we're looking at your team, department or business in 360 and understanding the seen and unseen areas for improvement and driving engagement from day one.

What does it deliver?

We define clear, actionable next steps to quickly add value and embed a culture of change.

And not via a seemingly endless slide deck or written report - instead we use as a creative workspace to bring your insights and recommendations to life.  So you get clear next steps via our visual and interactive roadmap, showing:

  • Backlog of quick wins
  • Roadmap for digital transformation
  • Plan for accelerated performance

Same Challenges, New Solutions

Businesses need a new approach – a fast and cost-effective way to overhaul their people, process and technology, whilst improving employee engagement.

Cognition Compass does just that by being:

  1. Tech-enabled and value-focused
  2. Accelerated delivery to 3 weeks using latest technologies
  3. Consultants are super-powered with AI technologies to quickly and effectively deliver value
  4. Light touch for client organisations – allowing you to focus on BAU
  5. Focused on optimising the knowledge, skills and systems you’ve already got in place
  6. No PowerPoints. We bring your insights and recommendations to life
  7. Clear next steps via our visual and interactive roadmap
  8. Fixed cost– no surprises

Case study: Williams Lea

Read how we helped Williams Lea optimise their off-shore Presentation Services team to improve the employee experience and deliver stand out customer service.

What clients say about Cognition Compass...

"Cognition Compass has been a critical tool to increase employee engagement and productivity.  It captured the as-is ways of working and opportunities for improvement in a data-driven way that Business Analysts would never be able to do, and is faster, more accurate and much more cost effective!

Nick Morgan, Global Head of Technology, Williams Lea

All change please

Blending technology with human expertise, a new breed of consultancy is helping overcome the old and lazy ways of working, says Katie Swannell-Gibbs, Global Head of Consulting at Cognition.

Or book a quick call with us to find out how Cognition Compass can set your business on a course to radical improvement.

Three things to know about Cognition Compass

1. Fast and effective DARE methodology

Because real transformation comes from being brave.

2. Its quick and easy to get going

Designed to start fast, share meaningful and specific opportunities for your business.

3. There are clear and meaningful outcomes

Presented in a way to get stakeholder buy in for action.